Wednesday, March 28, 2012


So today was the last day of my meditating for thirty days, and I figure today I will go a little more in depth on how meditation works and what I did. So I did a simple form of meditation in which you focus on your breathing and try to empty your mind. On some days I would try to do directional meditation which is when you focus on a certain thought and dissect it as much as you can until you fully understand it. Now my last day went well for my meditation. I got to meditate in the afternoon and it made me kinda feel like I had just taken a nap without sleeping.

The day before the last day

Well my experiment is soon to be over and I sure am sad about it. Anyways back to what happened on Monday. So Monday was like any other day it was okay. I actually got to meditate in the morning and it worked out really well and made my whole day feel great. Plus later I got to play some good old Football with some friends.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Everybody is happy for the weekend!!!!

So just like every other week after Friday comes the weekend. So lets start by talking about Saturday. Saturday was a good day I got to go to a reservoir and go cliff jumping, but when me and my friends got there it was all dried up :(. I still got to go rock climbing on the sides of the reservoir and swim in what water was left. Once I got back to Ball State I got to meditate and it went fairly well. It was evening time so not my favorite, but it was still a good time.  

Now for Sunday. After church I went straight back to my dorm and meditated and it went good toady to. Afterwards I felt great and even had a really good day.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Its Friday

Friday was a good day overall. It was a little rainy and such, but that rain didn't ruin my day. It took me all day to find a good amount of free time that I could use for meditation. I finally got to really late at night right before bed. This was actually, because I went to a party for the IU and Kentucky game. So then I got back to my dorm and meditated, and surprisingly it went well and it even helped me sleep. So today was yet another successful day.

The easy day

Onward to Thursday. This day went really well mostly, because I had really simple classes for some strange reason. My jogging may have also affected my stress levels, but my meditation went well also. I decided rather than waking up early I decided to meditate in the evening. This is the first time that evening meditation has gone well for me. So in general meditation seemed to be really effective today.

Friday, March 23, 2012

The last full week begins

So lets start with Tuesday. Tuesday was a pretty good day classes were easy and I had a good time meditating in the afternoon. My meditation went really well and it made me feel really energized and awake during my last class which is jogging. So today meditation served its purpose for me, I felt less stressed.

Next is Wednesday. It went even better than Tuesday!!! I got to meditate in the morning which is my favorite time to meditate and it made my whole day go much better. Even though my three classes were a little rough that day, but I made it through it with a smile on my face!!!

P.S. I really like this song :D  

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Monday is always a rough day

So the weekend always makes Monday rough. On Monday I have three classes and on Monday they all really sucked. Math was all about graphs I learned in Middle School, and I found out in Theatre that my group kinda really sucks. So after my classes rather than being bummed out I decided to meditate on what had happened throughout the day. After about a half hour or so I felt a little bit less stressed about the day. So today like most other days meditation achieved its purpose stress relief.

Monday, March 19, 2012

A trip home

So lets jump right in and talk about Friday. Friday went well meditation wise I got up and was able to meditate bright and early in the morning. I felt more awake and relaxed that morning and even for the rest of the day. I played some sports and had a great day! That night I headed home for the weekend.

Saturday I was at home working on my car most of the day. Once I was done working I was able to meditate for a little bit though in the evening. I felt pretty good the rest of the night and got some good sleep in my own bed.

Then there was Sunday. On Sunday I was really busy and had to drive back to Ball State, but I found a time to meditate that night before bed. I found it kind of pointless to meditate this late in the day it may have helped me sleep, but I'm good at sleeping anyways. So after finding this out I would recommend meditating in the morning or afternoon, unless you have trouble sleeping then maybe meditating at night is the thing for you

Friday, March 16, 2012

A long week

This week seems like it has gone on for years. The days are slow and the work is piling up all over my desk, but my meditation practices seem to have helped me keep all of this stress under control. So lets start with Wednesday. On Wednesday I had a test in math which is my first class, but I meditated that morning anyways. It even went well for me I felt relaxed and prepared to take the test.

Thursday I had another exam, (like I said a busy week) but this time I didn't meditate in the morning and felt tired and not as pumped for life as before. I actually ended up meditating in the afternoon and it almost ended up being a nap, but I pulled through and finished strong. Even though it wasn't my regular time it was relaxing a good way to destress after a hard test (good rhyme???)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Trophies, bus rides, and college

So before I begin talking about how my meditation is going I would like to inform everyone that I got second place in open policy debate at the national tournament. Now on to my meditating. Saturday did not go well after getting second we had the long bus ride back and just like last time it made it way to hard to meditate. I tried my best but it proved to be to difficult to get into my usual "zone".

Sunday went much better though after catching up on my much needed sleep I meditated in the morning. My morning meditations always leave me feeling great for the rest of the day and help me alot with waking up and having energy in the morning.

Monday was okay I meditated in the afternoon and was rudely interrupted more than once. So I was kind of thrown off my usual routine, but it still seemed to help me a little with waking up and concurring the stresses of my first day back after spring break.

Tuesday was a really bad day for me actually. I had a rough day in general and meditating was really hard for me to focus on even though I made time to do it. It was really hard to clear my mind and think about my breathing because I just seemed so busy, but at least I tried so today was not a complete failure.

     Here is me and the trophy its really heavy ;)

Friday, March 9, 2012


So my Spring Break has become super busy, but now I will do my best to quickly summarize multiple days because I have been able to meditate. So lets start by grouping the weekend together. Over the weekend (which was March 3rd and 4th) both mornings I had time to meditate and I even did it at my (new) favorite time the morning. I felt good and awake the whole day so it seems to be working well and I'm getting better at it.

Monday also went well I meditate again in the morning and felt great. Tuesday is where the problems begin to occur. On Tuesday I returned to Ball State, because the next day at 7:00 I was leaving for New York to go to a national debate tournament, but I did have time to meditate on Tuesday and it was kind of rushed and didn't go over to well, because I was rushed all day.

Last but not least the past three days. Wednesday I was on a bus all day and I did meditate, but it was way to hard to focus. Thursday I won't lie I didn't have time to meditate I got to tour New York all day and it was AMAZING. Now its Friday I have been debating all day and am way to tired I won't be meditating today, but I should be back on schedule tomorrow. I will also post the results of the tournament tomorrow.


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Days three, four, and five

So as you can tell I'm behind a few days, but I will now attempt to catch up so let start with Wednesday. Wednesday was really good I actually was able to quickly get set up and meditate. I meditate for a half hour without any interruption, and it was great! I felt very rested afterward and ready for the day.

So the day that came after wednesday was Thursday as we all know. Thursday was a little rougher, I had to change my location and time of meditation. I have usually been meditating in the evening, but the only time I had was in the morning and the only place open was the basement and I had usually been in the study lounge everyday. I was also interrupted by people a couple different times. So as you might be able to tell Thursday didn't go to hot.

Now on to Friday. Friday was a very busy day for me so to tell you guys the truth I didn't have any time to meditate. Although I didn't meditate on Friday I can make up for it.

I learned how to embed the cool videos that I always post for you guys to see.

Cool Beans right?!?!?!?!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just so you know...

Hey I forgot to tell everyone that I'm posting videos/songs from youtube at the bottom of my post. So if you want to keep seeing these videos then you should totes come on back here.

Click Here for another ;)

Days one and two

So I started meditating on monday and let me tell you monday was the hardest day so far. I found out quickly that sitting still for a long period of time is really really hard without falling asleep or getting fidgety (which I did). In the end though I thought that the time I got to sit and relax was defiantly worth the time it took to relax. I felt pretty good after I was done with my first meditation.

Day two was a little easier mostly, because I knew what the beast was that I was up against. It was a lot easier this time to get set and just sit there so I decided to try one of the methods I learned about during my research. I decided to do the easiest form that I had read about which was focused breathing exercise. It worked pretty well I almost fell asleep though.

I will be posting later today on how day three goes.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Lets get down to it

Hey everyone, for the next thirty days I will be meditating and seeing what the results of this behavior change are. The reason I'm making a blog about it is so that other people can see what I'm doing and maybe even try it for themselves. For the next thirty days I will attempt to meditate everyday for at least 15-30 minutes and I would also like to post an update on how things are going everyday. So you might be wondering what the main goal of my whole experiment is, well its to see if meditating can reduce stress when practiced regularly, because I'm like your average college student and I'm am very stressed sometimes.

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