Friday, March 9, 2012


So my Spring Break has become super busy, but now I will do my best to quickly summarize multiple days because I have been able to meditate. So lets start by grouping the weekend together. Over the weekend (which was March 3rd and 4th) both mornings I had time to meditate and I even did it at my (new) favorite time the morning. I felt good and awake the whole day so it seems to be working well and I'm getting better at it.

Monday also went well I meditate again in the morning and felt great. Tuesday is where the problems begin to occur. On Tuesday I returned to Ball State, because the next day at 7:00 I was leaving for New York to go to a national debate tournament, but I did have time to meditate on Tuesday and it was kind of rushed and didn't go over to well, because I was rushed all day.

Last but not least the past three days. Wednesday I was on a bus all day and I did meditate, but it was way to hard to focus. Thursday I won't lie I didn't have time to meditate I got to tour New York all day and it was AMAZING. Now its Friday I have been debating all day and am way to tired I won't be meditating today, but I should be back on schedule tomorrow. I will also post the results of the tournament tomorrow.


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