Saturday, March 3, 2012

Days three, four, and five

So as you can tell I'm behind a few days, but I will now attempt to catch up so let start with Wednesday. Wednesday was really good I actually was able to quickly get set up and meditate. I meditate for a half hour without any interruption, and it was great! I felt very rested afterward and ready for the day.

So the day that came after wednesday was Thursday as we all know. Thursday was a little rougher, I had to change my location and time of meditation. I have usually been meditating in the evening, but the only time I had was in the morning and the only place open was the basement and I had usually been in the study lounge everyday. I was also interrupted by people a couple different times. So as you might be able to tell Thursday didn't go to hot.

Now on to Friday. Friday was a very busy day for me so to tell you guys the truth I didn't have any time to meditate. Although I didn't meditate on Friday I can make up for it.

I learned how to embed the cool videos that I always post for you guys to see.

Cool Beans right?!?!?!?!

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