Friday, March 16, 2012

A long week

This week seems like it has gone on for years. The days are slow and the work is piling up all over my desk, but my meditation practices seem to have helped me keep all of this stress under control. So lets start with Wednesday. On Wednesday I had a test in math which is my first class, but I meditated that morning anyways. It even went well for me I felt relaxed and prepared to take the test.

Thursday I had another exam, (like I said a busy week) but this time I didn't meditate in the morning and felt tired and not as pumped for life as before. I actually ended up meditating in the afternoon and it almost ended up being a nap, but I pulled through and finished strong. Even though it wasn't my regular time it was relaxing a good way to destress after a hard test (good rhyme???)

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