Monday, March 19, 2012

A trip home

So lets jump right in and talk about Friday. Friday went well meditation wise I got up and was able to meditate bright and early in the morning. I felt more awake and relaxed that morning and even for the rest of the day. I played some sports and had a great day! That night I headed home for the weekend.

Saturday I was at home working on my car most of the day. Once I was done working I was able to meditate for a little bit though in the evening. I felt pretty good the rest of the night and got some good sleep in my own bed.

Then there was Sunday. On Sunday I was really busy and had to drive back to Ball State, but I found a time to meditate that night before bed. I found it kind of pointless to meditate this late in the day it may have helped me sleep, but I'm good at sleeping anyways. So after finding this out I would recommend meditating in the morning or afternoon, unless you have trouble sleeping then maybe meditating at night is the thing for you

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