Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Trophies, bus rides, and college

So before I begin talking about how my meditation is going I would like to inform everyone that I got second place in open policy debate at the national tournament. Now on to my meditating. Saturday did not go well after getting second we had the long bus ride back and just like last time it made it way to hard to meditate. I tried my best but it proved to be to difficult to get into my usual "zone".

Sunday went much better though after catching up on my much needed sleep I meditated in the morning. My morning meditations always leave me feeling great for the rest of the day and help me alot with waking up and having energy in the morning.

Monday was okay I meditated in the afternoon and was rudely interrupted more than once. So I was kind of thrown off my usual routine, but it still seemed to help me a little with waking up and concurring the stresses of my first day back after spring break.

Tuesday was a really bad day for me actually. I had a rough day in general and meditating was really hard for me to focus on even though I made time to do it. It was really hard to clear my mind and think about my breathing because I just seemed so busy, but at least I tried so today was not a complete failure.

     Here is me and the trophy its really heavy ;)

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