Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Days one and two

So I started meditating on monday and let me tell you monday was the hardest day so far. I found out quickly that sitting still for a long period of time is really really hard without falling asleep or getting fidgety (which I did). In the end though I thought that the time I got to sit and relax was defiantly worth the time it took to relax. I felt pretty good after I was done with my first meditation.

Day two was a little easier mostly, because I knew what the beast was that I was up against. It was a lot easier this time to get set and just sit there so I decided to try one of the methods I learned about during my research. I decided to do the easiest form that I had read about which was focused breathing exercise. It worked pretty well I almost fell asleep though.

I will be posting later today on how day three goes.

Click Here for another awesome video.  


  1. This sounds pretty cool, Wooper. You should probably teach me how to meditate...

  2. I sure could do that for you some time. its not really as hard as it looks or sounds once you get in the zone time passes pretty fast. JUST DON'T FALL ASLEEP!!!

  3. The video at the bottom is from Youtube.